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2017 Kids for Conservation Poetry Competition Winners

We are excited to announce the 2017 Kids for Conservation (KFC) competition winners! Students from the Tri-County area in grades 1st-5th were invited to compete in the KFC Poster Competition, while students in grades 6th-8th competed in the KFC Photography and Poetry Competition. Yet again we received a wonderful selection of entries from our talented young artists, writers and photographers and would like to thank the participants, teachers and parents.


1st Place Poetry Winner:

Suzanna Feeney, Laing Middle School – 8th Grade

The Sparkling Field

A green field, sparkling, it’s grass a fine emerald.
The shimmering river rolled by its left field, crystal waters shining.
Had a human been there, which none were currently, they would have shouted,
“Stop, time! You are so beautiful!”
But time doesn’t stop, nature the same.
The river kept rolling,
They saw the blowing wind.
They shouted,
“Stop, time! You are so beautiful!”
But time doesn’t stop, nature the same.
The river kept rolling,
The wind kept blowing,
Nothing stopped.
So the humans captured its beauty instead.
The river stopped rolling.
The wind ceased to blow.
Everything stopped.
Pavement was rolled onto the sparkling green field.
Houses built up where the shimmering river once rolled.
The wind couldn’t find the will to blow.
Time had stopped, and lost its beauty.
Never again was the sparkling field green.



2nd Place Poetry Winner:

Allison Kammer, Laing Middle School – 6th Grade

Life as Living in Nature

Butterflies, dragonflies everywhere
All you see is rainbow colors in the atmosphere
Blue sky, birds that fly
Flying up in the trees to build a nest
And hide a treasure chest
Flowers blossoming in the air
Sharing nectar to the bees that have no nectar to share
Grass green, clouds white
The sky is black at night
Animals slow during the day
But fast at night so others will stay away
Light at day, dark at night
No matter what, nature is always in sight!



3rd Place Poetry Winner:

Zoe Duncan, Laing Middle School – 7th Grade

Grey Skies

Grey skies watch over empty plains of dirt,
While rocks roll down barren hills of concrete.
Tall brick buildings loom over the forest.
And candy wrappers stick in the sand.

Critters scatter as trees fall atop them
And debris carelessly thrown into the wilderness sicken them.
Grey skies observe the humans becoming monsters of time and wealth.
Grey skies hide birds flying away from pollution.
But grey skies fall apart. Torn to pieces by careless living and pollution.
Grey skies are gone.
Grey skies have died and have turned the world to dust,
No more life.
No more hope.
No more wildlife to be discovered and disregarded.
No more stories of untold lands.
No more love to be shared.

No more grey skies.
Grey skies, goodnight.