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Kyle Sims // 2016 Featured Artist

SEWE is excited to announce Kyle Sims as the 2016 Featured Artist.

Kyle Sims, an American realist, was born and raised near Cheyenne, Wyoming. Kyle’s training with the arts began as an adolescent, but with no formal regimen. His talent and interest was recognized early by his parents and they nurtured and encouraged this passion. In his early twenties, Kyle received honors including Distinguished Young Artist by the Society of Animal Artists, Best in Show by the Buffalo Bill Art Show, and the Major General and Mrs. Don D. Pittman Wildlife Award from the Prix De West Art Show and Sale. A few years later, he received the Bob Kuhn Wildlife Award from the Masters of the American West. At the young age of 35, Kyle’s art career has flourished.

Paco Young, SEWE Featured Artist in 1994, was an influential teacher and it was Young that really ingrained the importance of going outside and painting from life. Painting in the field altered the way Kyle sees, not only his subjects, but how it shapes the outcome of a painting. For Kyle, being in the outdoors is paramount and is half (or more) of the enjoyment of being a wildlife artist. “My process begins with going outside and having experiences in nature . . . it keeps my mind fresh and reminds me how lucky we are to simply be alive.”

Every year, Kyle’s tastes with painting and art continue to evolve through practice and study. This isn’t something forced, but rather a product of time and passion, bordering on obsession. Kyle resides in Belgrade, Montana with his wife.

See more of Kyle’s work here.