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SEWE 2015 Poster

Scouting the Territory by Grant Hacking

Scouting the Territory by Grant Hacking


This year’s poster showcases the 2015 Featured Painting, Scouting the Territory by Featured Artist Grant Hacking. The painting of a North American bobcat depicts Hacking’s ability to combine photorealistic detail with loose strokes to offer an impressionistic feel.

“Grant is a great artist, and collectors and art lovers have known this for a long time,” remarked John Powell, SEWE Executive Director. “The Featured Painting is just one of his many pieces that will really captivate attendees. With Grant’s range, we are all looking forward to watching him put together his full body of work for February.”

Originally from South Africa, Hacking has years of experience creating art on multiple continents, giving him a distinct artistic range. Although Hacking’s technique varies greatly between the wildlife and landscape genres, his landscapes are very painterly and a bit abstract while his brushwork becomes tighter when portraying wildlife – the two subjects really complement one another.

When asked about his inspiration for the piece, Hacking said he was “struck by the intensity and grounded strength of such a small cat. Despite his size, I got that same feeling I get when watching a leopard or lion. I composed the painting with a mass of solid rock to reflect the strength of the cat as he confidently scouts his territory for signs of intruders. There is no doubt that this elusive and majestic creature is deserving of being showcased.”

Hacking is in town unveiling the Featured Painting and signing posters. The original will be on display for all to view at Halls Chophouse at 434 King Street through the weekend. “We are excited about Grant being in Charleston over the next few days and giving folks a sneak peek at the featured painting,” said Powell. “With VIP ticket sales on pace to sell out again, general admission tickets on sale next week, and artists like Grant working hard for February, SEWE is poised for another spectacular year.”
The original will be available for auction during the Preview Gala VIP event on Thursday, February 12, 2015. The Official 2015 Poster is available for purchase HERE for $30.

DON’T FORGET: General admission tickets go on sale October 13.